Make yourself compelling, and build a following

.. build your brand

How brand values build you a following

When we talk about branding, the conversation almost always turns to colours and logos. That's lovely, and we are excellent at that, but above that, more than that .. are your brand values. We have a fast, cost-effective way of extracting them from you and turning them into coherent online action that will attract the sort of customers that will support you for life.

Speak with one voice, be clear, and people will follow

Stand for something

Speak with one voice, be clear, and people will follow

Why do people give Red Bull their attention? "Red Bull gives you wings" along with the bull logo says they will give you energy and enable you to realise your dreams. That's something people can get behind. Similarly, people don't just support the local organic food shop because it's there and they can buy stuff. They support it because they feel the same way about the environment and healthy living. This is how friends are formed, and this is how long-lasting relationships between people and brands (companies) are made, relationships that transcend the commercial transactions. A loyal following wants you to succeed.

If the photographs, text, videos, capabilities, colours and design of your website deliver your brand values, you will gain loyal fans who want what you want.

What do we stand for?

  • Attractiveness: we want our websites to look beautiful and for you to be attracted to working with us.
  • Significance & vision: we want to matter, to bring our skills and to partner with you to make something great happen.
  • To a slightly lesser extent: harmony: smoothness, usability. Nothing awkward, everything easy,
  • and finally capability: we do pack some serious abilities and like a hi-fi turned up to 1, we would like you to feel there's more whenever you want it.

Strong branding makes everything easier

When your audience loves everything you do because they live for the same moments, your followers will share your posts, they'll wear your logo, they'll stand up for you in planning applications. In our website design, we start with brand values .. because that determines everything


Of course, brand values affect your whole business, from the clothes you wear to the way you greet your customers, from the things you sell to the way you sell them, so this exercise doesn't have to stop here. But to stay on topic and talk about developing websites, we use the brand exercise where we can to clarify what the website should look and feel like, and how it should read.

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