Brown and Humphreys

Scarborough optician

New website automatically design by AI (Artificial Intelligence)

An affordable website automatically designed

A new website for Brown and Humphreys opticians, Scarborough

An affordable website automatically designed

This second website using The Grid is for local optician Brown and Humphreys. The previous website's content and design was out of date and it wasn't mobile-friendly which can affect search engine rankings.

Design automation frees us to concentrate on content

Much of the cost of web development is in working out how the pages will look. Partly the time is in the development of those pages, and of course that process involved client interaction .. meetings and the resulting work from those discussions.

If we basically cede control of graphic design to The Grid's artificial intelligence system which looks at the content of images and aims to design around each image, all we've got left to do is the content. That can halve the cost of website development. Those, by the way, are our photographs (mostly).

We're not saying The Grid is perfect, it's certainly not that. But if you want a quick and affordable website or would rather spend your marketing budget in other ways, it's a good place to start.

Brown & Humphreys