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No need to agonise over copy or worry about writing for search engines (SEO), we are expert persuasive copywriters. Sometimes it helps to get a fresh perspective.
We don't just mean adding the Facebook logo & widget, your website could save you time by tweeting or updating Facebook for you, scheduling posts for the best time of day and monitoring results. Or your website could display your Etsy or eBay listings without any extra effort from you.
Most people looking at your website are using a smartphone or tablet. Small screen. On the move. The secret? Get to the point. Tell them one thing. So what is the absolutely most important thing you need to tell people? Does it change if you know where they are, and what time of day it is. Mobile first. Get to it.
Actually search engine optimisation (SEO) nowadays is more about you satisfying customers than getting the right keyphrases in the correct place on the page, but that's still important and we do it in our sleep. That's why we prefer to determine the whole website structure and decide what needs to be said, and then write it with SEO in mind.
If you need a new company logo, colours, or to know your brand values .. we've got that covered. A strong design attracts and generates trust. Brand values create loyalty. Together, they lift your business.
Clients see the front end of your website, you see the back-end and that can be bigger - your website could be your business management system. As you change things in the back, so it can change at the front: out of stock, new event, most popular product, today's hot product. Plus all the graphs, charts & reports you need.
Obviously, you don't have to blog if you don't want to, but your new website will provide the facility. If the only issue is you're not sure what to write, we can help. A blog provides a reason for people to come back to you. Something new. And we can use a blog as a landing page for Pay Per Click ads. We like blogs, but that doesn't mean you have to. If you like the idea but just don't feel able, we can develop your skills and/or provide whatever you need. Let me leave you with one thought though: better to do one world-beating, awesome blog entry per year than a daily grind of mediocrity. Daily blogs can be awesome, don't get me wrong. But favour quality over quantity every time.
Hurrah! New website, yayyy!. Now what? You need traffic. You need your website to deliver business food: enquiries & sales. We're not just website builders. We don't deliver and then wander off .. "bye!". Your website was designed to deliver. We'll be around as much as you want us to be to make your website discoverable and persuasive, whether that means creating and implementing an entire digital marketing strategy, or just helping you with the things you need on an ad-hoc basis. Whatever it takes, we're here for you.
A sales funnel is the series of steps someone takes from deciding they want to buy to making the purchase. After each step, a percentage of people drop off and never complete the purchase. Why? Which is the worst performing step of the process, why is that, let's change something to improve it. The effectiveness of your sales funnels drives your conversion rate. Double your conversion rate, and you double your money.
When you search for a recipe, flight, hotel or film ('movie' if you must), Google shows, near the top of the search results, some results perhaps organised into a table. These results are pulled from websites that have included codes that tell the Google search robot what it's looking at. To a machine "£25" is just three characters. If you say it's a price, Google knows it's a price. If others also give their prices, Google can compare. This is going to be huge. When you speak to your phone and ask for the nearest dog-friendly hotel, how do you think Google knows the answer? How do you get listed? Use semantic markup. We can do that for you.
Need a video? Make it interesting. Useful. Good. Funny. Different. Make sure it delivers on your brand values (gives the right impression). Lots of people are selling video for websites nowadays like "you have to have one". We disagree. The right video, for the right reasons, in the right place .. awesome. Let's do that. Not the other thing where a sales person pops up from nowhere to talk at you, scares the dog and wakes up the kids. Not that.
Oh, Pay Per Click advertising has become so very good nowadays. Target absolutely the right people, and pay only when they click. Budget what you want, even if it's just $2 per day. Stop/start when you like. But it's the beautiful, incredible targeting us marketers would have killed for back in the day. You|your customers .. almost nothing separates you nowadays. And it's measurable, and fast. Try something today. If it doesn't work, switch it off, try something else tomorrow. Oh, it works! Great! Try another. Optimise the ad, the landing page. Make some money. It's right there waiting for you. We can run your PPC campaign, or we can show you how to do it yourself.
If you have an old website, and want a new website, do you need some or all of your content to be transferred across? Don't forget about the time that will take. We can do that.
When you want to appeal, not to reason, but to people's emotions, to the core of someone, you need great photographs. That's it. Invest in great photography. We have great relationships with photographers locally (Scarborough's a creative place). We understand photography, by working with you we will understand your brand, we know what converts online. We can organise photography for you.
What works is what works. We can deploy two or more versions of a page to see which converts best. Test photographs. Test headlines. Test prices. Keep testing. Keep improving your website.
If you're in the UK, it helps with Google if you have UK hosting. Ours is in Canary Wharf, for speed.
Sometimes a library shot is the quickest and best route to market. We can find you great shots for your website, cleared and ready to go at pocket money prices.
We can create different levels of login. Customers get one level. Your data enterer gets another. Supervisors get more. Management get access to most of it. You see everything (for example). You can have content creators, writers overseas or homeworkers submitting stories that are cleared by others and finally published by yet another. Basically, we can control which login accounts get to do what. And maybe a logged in customer gets to see content, offers and even a whole extra part of the website that others don't see.
If it's appropriate for you (maybe you're just starting out) we can start small and just continually improve. We can build your website on a monthly plan. In fact, we're a little extreme about this: we don't mind starting out with a sentence on a single page and improving from there (it's usually the client that's uncomfortable with that). The point is, websites are not fixed, not like a brochure, and we can put up a website for you today, and improve it tomorrow (and the next day). It's called 'agile development'. Don't let a small budget or "I don't know what to do" stop you. Take the first step, worry about the next step tomorrow.
It's a little off-topic, but we do have a system for retailers where selected images and videos from the website can be displayed on-screen, in-store. Publish to the website and to your in-store screens at the same time. Keep your brand consistent between online and real-world.
Of course, you'll be able to add, change, delete content on your own website. Change the order of things. Change the menus. Blog, upload photographs. Our content management system will keep things organised automatically so you don't have to.
How many visitors did you get to your website? How does it compare to last year? How many of those bought? Are people who come to the website from Facebook better than those who come from search? Google Analytics runs in the background and gives you all the reports we both need to manage your website. So yes, we install Analytics for you.
We've built websites extensively using the standard web programming language PHP. If it can be done in software, we can probably do it. If you need something custom-built, get in touch.
Do you need (or want) 'live' graphs and charts, for your back-end management system or for your public website, or for only some logged in users with a certain access level? Sales by month? Trends? Stock price? Whatever, we've got graphs and charts covered, if you need them.
We prefer the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). It's well organised, secure and it's probably the biggest content management system you've never heard of. Actually, it's the world's second most popular CMS, second only to Wordpress (which we also do). Drupal is drives the websites for the University of Chicago, Cisco, Cancer Research UK and the Summer Olympics 2016. If it's good enough for them ..
Need people to be able to click on a map? Want to show your outlets, and then filter by who stocks what? Want a mashup of mortgage and income data to show on a map, by county, how long you'll have to work before you get on the housing ladder? With 'live' data? Yeah, we do that sort of thing.
If it's possible, if there's an API (an official programmers' way in) or a database we can work with, we can probably make your website an integrated, automated part of your business. No-one dreams of a job pushing data around, that's what machines are for. Make it easy for yourself.